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Why Search Find Learn?

Because I feel that Search, Find, Learn describes how we learn in the 21st century - we Search for what we need to know, we Find it, and we Learn it. This blog explores how technology is helping us do that.

Contributors wanted

Humans have been on a learning journey since the dawn of time. And it's never been so exciting. If you're using technology in an effective, experimental or innovative way, I'd love to hear from you. I can blog about your project/website/idea, or you can contribute a guest post. Send me an email describing what you're up to.

Apture - New Features

Apture released an updated version in May 2009. Main improvements are

* new interface
* smarter suggestions to your search terms
* much faster interface with a drag and drop menu
* quick browse interface is faster
* better visual effects (it's prettier)

But a big change and interesting change is the ability to connect multiple pieces of content. So you can now connect one Apture link to multiple pieces of content - e.g. YouTube or Wikipedia or Twitter.

This layering of embedded content is a great addition - it means I can offer readers several different ways of getting additional information - e.g. video plus text.

Apture are always willing to listen to users, so if you try it out and have an idea for an improvment, you can always tweet at the Apture CEO - @tristanharris.


  1. Pelechati said...

    Hey Michelle,

    Glad you had a chance to install Apture. Do you plan on using it for any future blog posts beyond the one featuring Apture. I'd love to retweet you at some point if you do.

  2. Michelle Gallen said...

    Hey Pelechati,

    I've been using Apture on my blog since August 2008 - I named it as one of my top ten learning tools 2009 - see post

    And here's a link to my much longer post praising Apture last year.


  3. Pelechati said...

    Hey Michelle,
    I retweeted your last post under our Apture account.

    Keep us posted on how you like product and what you would like at support at apture dot com.


  4. Michelle Gallen said...

    Andrew, the only feature I can think of right now that would be useful to educationalists, might be a 'signature' feature - so multiple students could use the one Apture sign-in to add content to a wiki or blog - but each student's contribution would be tracked (so a teacher could see who contributed what to the post). Not sure if that makes sense anyone except me!


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