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Why Search Find Learn?

Because I feel that Search, Find, Learn describes how we learn in the 21st century - we Search for what we need to know, we Find it, and we Learn it. This blog explores how technology is helping us do that.

Contributors wanted

Humans have been on a learning journey since the dawn of time. And it's never been so exciting. If you're using technology in an effective, experimental or innovative way, I'd love to hear from you. I can blog about your project/website/idea, or you can contribute a guest post. Send me an email describing what you're up to.

100 useful web tools for different kinds of learners

You might not need 100 useful web tools, but you'll probably find one or two little gems on this list sent to me by Fiona King.

The list groups tools according to the type of task in hand (podcasting, mindmapping, notetaking), but has also organised them for various learning styles.

If you're an auditory learner who learns best hearing text rather than reading it, you can scoot down the list and check out sites like, which can read aloud text for you (and is apparently also a great proof-hearing tool).


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